What are Medical Chemical Peels?
A Medical Chemical Skin Peel is a clinical grade skin rejuvinating treatment used to target a number of skin conditions. As well as rejuvinating the skin, with anti-ageing effects, the skin peel works by penetrating in, going much further than home skincare products leading to the growth of fresh healthy cells, resetting your skin to its purest and smoothest self.

Differing Strengths?
At Genie Aesthetics, we offer two options which after consultation, the best can be determined to suit your skin needs.

 Option 1- Light Refresh Peel: Using Salicylic Acid (30%) and Malic Acid (30%)

 Option 2- Corrective Peel: Using Salicylic (28%) and Malic Acid (50%)
Before and After Treatment
Prior to treatment, a consultation will be held. You will be advised to avoid excessive sun exposure for at least two weeks prior to the treatment. Patients are advised to avoid any other skin resurfacing treatments, such as laser, micro-needling and heat treatments.

When can i expect to see results
Results are dependent on the individual but usually results will be seen immediately after the treatment; the skin will look brighter, refreshed, and glowing. For optimum results, a full course of three to six months can be chosen.

After Care
Patients are advised to avoid the application of make up for at least 24 hours after treatment. It is also not advisable to use retinol or any creams which are too active (such as vitamin A or anti-biotic creams...) for one week. A hydrating cream should be used to keep the skin hydrated at all times. Other aftercare includes avoiding excesive direct sun exposure for two weeks. Hot treatments such as saunas / steam rooms should be avoided for 48 hours.

Does it hurt?
While everyone will have a slightly different experience, the majority of patients do not feel it hurts and liken it to a tingling sensation.